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A turd.
Jim is an omom.
by Q April 09, 2003

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An expression, often used by a linguistically inept or otherwise inadequate teenager, indicating
Dude, Justin Timberlake is hella tight.
by q September 23, 2003

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A member of the elusive rap group Bling Monster in G-City, Niggeratchi is a founding member or the group, along with Beta Max 3000 and superstar DJ Hell'n Killah.
YO! Niggeratchi was blowin' it up with BMGC in da club last night
by Q November 16, 2004

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A very big asshole and bully on the site bzpower.com
"Hey, he changed my screen-name again! Curse you, B-Rex!"

"Hey, my wife left me! Curse you B-Rex!"

"Hey, my baby got dropped out of a window! Curse you B-Rex (a.k.a MJ)!"
by Q April 18, 2005

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A bunch of rich kids who think they are above everyone else. They sometimes wear skate shoes, then they dis on skaters. Sometimes go to private school. Hated by everyone except themselves.
Cheerleaders, Jocks, etc.
by q August 02, 2004

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having the power to affect David Sklansky's earning potential
The WSOP is the 3rd most influential thing in poker.
by Q April 03, 2005

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Note the hyphen. That's how it's really spelled. Go there for the real defines
by Q May 30, 2004

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