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for sure my brother i.e. the affirmative, yes , thats right
Wanna hit this 40?
For shizzle my nizzle!
by q September 09, 2003

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no example. examples cost extra.
by q November 16, 2004

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bd originating from a simple gesture meaning "two thumbs up"

Look at your hands when you are giving two thumbs up, what letters do they look like? bd
Talking online to a friend:
friend 1 - "Dude, I just bought a new truck!"
friend 2 - "bd"
by Q August 18, 2004

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A word meaning more than love. First comes like, then lurve, then love, then Love... and then Disco. To disco someone is to love them for more than ever.
I disco Ste.
by Q May 15, 2004

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A large, violent monkey with a disposition for smelling horribly. Can be found in the wild or in Vervain Street
"The large Jub Jub attempted to hump the Jew"
by Q January 21, 2003

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A dream of the idiotic and hopeless
"Peace sux"-me
by Q February 16, 2004

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The acting of chilling and slacking--at the same time
Daumst, Stanish, and I were just schalackin all summer long.
by Q September 06, 2003

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