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One who has a boss eye and violates badgers
badger fucker
by Q November 3, 2003
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A common misssplening of google
googlr.com probly gets ton of traffic
by Q October 3, 2004
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The doctor said I do need an MRI.
by Q February 22, 2005
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Used for such a crazy event, that it can not be defined with simple adjectives.
Man that bitch was stupid fly, and that party was off the heezy.
by Q February 18, 2003
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ATG (Anti-thymocyte globulin or AtgamÒ) is a medicine used prevent rejection in different types of transplantation, treatment of graft versus host disease and in certain patients with aplastic anemia. It does this by suppressing the body's own immune system. It is available as an injectable medication.
Got some shitty news about the ATG tonight. It's not working.
by Q February 1, 2005
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Note the hyphen. That's how it's really spelled. Go there for the real defines
by Q May 31, 2004
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