48 definition by Q

noun-slang, used in replace of engish slang

Jamacain Origin
Ya bombeclatin fool!

bombecla! did you see that?
by Q May 27, 2004

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culinary mishap involving a massive fumble of freshly prepared food.
"dude, I pulled a total pizza pants with this plate of spaghetti"
by Q September 28, 2003

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An overgrown baby who had his hand held his entire life, meanwhile learning nothing about the world the rest of us live in.

And music college isn't college.
What the fuck does he know? Damn K04Madness never worked an honest day in his life.
by Q March 25, 2004

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Smoked out..
Got Damn This Shit Got Me Pifed.
by Q January 26, 2004

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A hip-hop group based out of cleveland; An individual who is larger than life itself.
Hell'n Killah is a real bling monster.
by Q November 16, 2004

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A pretty good half life mod IF in the next patch they fix melee system, new player skins, and much slower re-load times.
Why does it take a few seconds to re-load my longrifle!!! It takes me 1 minute to do it in real life.
by Q August 28, 2004

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Part of the new "punk" scene. Faggots who are ruining music.
by q August 02, 2004

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