A weblog or blog site that allows a person to keep an online log to be used how they see fit. Places such as Livejournal can be considered similar to services that offer small parcels of online space for websites like Geocities - where big-name bloggers often have their own custom blog sites, others can get a Livejournal with no cost to them.

Livejournal is commonly used by its users to detail their daily lives, and a release from the stresses of such; much like a more traditional, private journal. The exception is that these journals are open to everyone (or perhaps just a circle of friends). This can create many problems, as Livejournals often become a method of conducting socialpolitics.
Livejournals and the ability to make your thoughts and feelings public are indeed a seductive venture. If you're going to make a public blog, though, be viewtiful about your entries. Entertain people.
by The Infamous Trev-MUN February 23, 2004
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Live journal started out as another blog provider. where people at one point could... blog, Since then it has been a place for teens to be angsty and defient against their parents. now here's where the slang comes in

People now use livejournal as a verb "dude i'm going to livejournal this so hard" meaning i'm going to complain about it on the internet,
"live journals down, my first instict was to livejournal it.... i've reached a new level of sad."
by Sloth February 4, 2005
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1.A diary service that caters to the masses and where one can write about theories, feelings or irrelevant meaningless inane diary entries that have no substance.

2. It seems now that more often than not, the purpose of an LJ is to write enough emotional entries to make it FRIENDS ONLY.
1. a. I have written the equation to life, go me!
b. I'm so depressed! *cries a river*
c. Lyke omg god. F*CK! Blabla life sux, blabla dumped today, blabla got up and had milk and cookies.

2. "Lyke, OMG! I have three friends! Now I can make my journal friends only!"
by Some random chick May 19, 2005
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The home of scenesters. If you want some bonus scene points, hit this one up. I myself call livejournal just another overrated online community for teenagers with problems. Ill admit, I use to have one. And most other edgers have, too.


by Villanueva. October 11, 2004
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the reason losers like me wake up each morning
today i went to school. now i am home. like omg comment and love me
by hectoliter January 24, 2005
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Will be the eventual cause of the loss of spoken word.
Girl 1: "The other day i met this super cute guy and-"
Girl 2: *Cuts her off* "I read about it on your Livejournal."
Girl 1: "Oh... well then..."
by isabel Lane December 13, 2005
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