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Inconspicuously refering to a female's abundance of breasts.

Derived from the phrase: Big Ol Titties.
DAMN! Lisa got some tig ol bitties
by Q April 30, 2004

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A modern form of prostitution where eager, young minds sign on with the most reputable "practice" pimp in hopes of success and fortune but end up being sold to the highest bidder while partaking only a minimal share of the profits. "Partners" pimps are noted for reprimanding personnel that do not perform every and all requests of the client john, as well as those who do not perform adequately in the eyes of the client.
Not showing up to the client is unacceptable when you work for Deloitte.
by Q March 30, 2005

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A common misssplening of google
googlr.com probly gets ton of traffic
by q October 02, 2004

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a crate of explosives
did you make sure to wire the democrate?
by Q August 07, 2003

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George W. Bush
current president for the u.s. of a.
by Q March 06, 2004

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A F****D-up "religion" in which annoying people knock on your door and talk about their cult. DO NOT SUBMIT TO THEM. Their "religion" disposes of all holidays because they are "satanic" and blames other religions for faults in the world. They believe that they are the true Christians and that everyone else is crazy. (Yeah Right). They also believe that innocent little children going to Sunday School are working for the devil.
Jehovah's Witnesses are MORONS and are to STUPID realize that it is THEM who are working for the devil.
by Q January 15, 2005

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A thick white person, a chunky honky
Damn, my man Orenthal always be after them chonky girls. I ain't mad at him though
by q October 10, 2004

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