An individual who sees a task and takes it upon themselves to accomplish it with such style, grace, and supreme capability that it makes your head explode with admiration.
There was a ton of work until the crusher got here.
by tresgatos February 6, 2018
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A 24oz can of beer of malt liquor

May or may not be found within a crinkled brown paper bag.
"Hey bro, if you're going to the store for papers, pick me up a crusher of Colt 45!"
by They call me K-Dub May 31, 2009
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One that will decimate the opposition with revolutionary love. A holy terror in a floor fight.
Yo, did you see Crusher at that wicked floor fight in Newark? He decimated!

Nah, it was all theatrics...he just did the dirty work for that new one sitting on the presiding committee.
by Crusher2009 February 21, 2009
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Crusher, 19th century new york slang for the police.

see also;

the filth
ya hear? mcgloin, the dirty pigeon, has become a crusher.
by meniven December 12, 2003
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Some evil guy who eats pancakes every tuesday
(Seal)-Are you eating panncakes crusher?

(Crusher)- No it's monday
by Sky_Seal July 2, 2003
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A woman pretends to give a man a hand-job, then takes his testicles and stomps on them. Four times.
by Fuck Face October 17, 2003
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