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A Loyal, caring loving guy who will do anything to keep his girlfriend happy and make sure that they last
by its_lala April 27, 2016
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Majorly bright and witty guy who will kick your ass if you mispell his name!
by anguss November 19, 2003
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to watch your good friend trying to get a girl for months and easily take her from him and ruin any chances of him ever being in a relationship with her
by soggypanda November 22, 2016
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He's the type of guy that he would do anything for you. If your hurt he's there. If he hurts you he regrets it deeply that he would do anything to make you smile.

He would fight someone who think they can just take there girl and break up there relationship. If you have a Duane you got to be happy if not someone else will take him and cherish him more than you did. He love his family so much and he gonna give the same love towards you

Duane don't care if he have to beg on his knees to earn your trust. He will listen to what you got to say all he cares is for your relationship and love that you share.

Me: *sigh* I can't do it

Duane:*sits* hey you can do anything just keep trying I'm gonna be here the whole time*hold hands*

Group of girl:she so lucky she got Duane in her life.
Duane your the only guy for me even if I'm mad at you your still there no matter how bad our argument gets.
by Zodiaclove October 08, 2017
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The term is used when someone is chillaxed when some bitch rants and rambles about her personal life and issues that does not make sense.
"Duane was nodding after his classmate was ranting about when Babette had sex with Mr. Gray."
by AnonymousCIA January 10, 2014
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A substitute science teacher who is better than the actual science teacher.
While my teacher was on maternity leave, Duane substituted. His class was the best.
by Fish Cracker May 02, 2013
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