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a tv show for mature pre-schoolers who like the world they live in where whores walk the streets and pimps get all there money
i would like it to if it came on when i got out of school
by PlayDohMan April 25, 2004
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1: what a pimp picks up from his hoes but then needs more since it flies away like sand hence the term sand dollar
2: weird little creatures that wash up on the beach
3: what the flinstones use as money
1: That pimp smacked his ho cause he needed more sand dollars
2: That sand dollar got stuck on the beach and died
3: Fred paid 200 sand dollars for his aliigator lawnmower
by PlayDohMan April 25, 2004
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What it seems the president is addicted to
Dick, i need my oxycontin
George ur not getting any until you sign this
But dick i dont wanna invade france
by PlayDohMan March 3, 2005
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a disk with such little capacity that it one of the wonders of the world why it hasn't come out of use yet
by PlayDohMan July 3, 2004
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the knob of the century just as remarkalble as your mom
oh she has got one big doorknob i could twist that alnight
by PlayDohMan April 27, 2004
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its worst than dupya its tripya
dammit dick dont beat me i didnt eat the pudding packs or the rice kripsy treat i tell u its that damn lawn knome

dammit tripya those are suppose to be top secret and they only eat happy meals from that run down joint mc donalds

ow dick but dont beat me cause i lied about them here look ill beat my self
by PlayDohMan March 3, 2005
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the train of the jackson few made for little kiddies
mommy mommy dah chu chu trains comming no son get away from there that not for little children
by PlayDohMan April 26, 2004
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