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1. an illegitimate child
2. usually an insult used by those who aren't creative enough to think up of something like, you're a testicle shitting penguin rapist.
damn bastards
by PlayDohMan July 03, 2004

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the people that screwed everybody out of good video gaming. they think that every game is bad but really they had silicon and twizzlers implanted into their brains as children so no wonder they think every game destroys the minds of children. and the hell is up with minors not being able to buy mature games? ESRB totally sucks ass and should be destroyed immediately as they are the ones who jip innocent gaming companies like Rockstar games out of their well deserved money
ESRB is just trying to keep money out of great developers like rockstar
by PlayDohMan July 17, 2004

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the absolute crappiest fast food restaurant where only little children, hobos, poor people and fatasses addicted to their food go to eat. they say they serve healthy salads but the truth is one salad has more fat than one of their rat poisoned nazi burgers.
its surprising mcdonalds hasn't gone out of business, after all their president had a heart attack from eating too much of his own shitty food creations.
by PlayDohMan July 03, 2004

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food that fat fuckers eat if they're hungry and then sue the company because they're poor and theyre total fatasses
c'mon mommy let's eat at mcdonald's we can get a wiener burger, then we can go to NAWGLA
by PlayDohMan April 24, 2004

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slave workers taken from their native homes and forced to work in willy wonka's chocalate factory. They are usually given meow mix as a reward for doing good work.
FREE THE OOMPA LOOMPAS! The poor oompa loompas!
by PlayDohMan September 28, 2004

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the only reason for my existence + the only reason i pay for cable instead of stealing it
comedy central is the best network ever
south park rules all bow down
by PlayDohMan April 24, 2004

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the song on the south park episode, good times with weapons
let's fighting love, taiketsu no mono, protect my balls....
by PlayDohMan May 10, 2004

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