116 definitions by PlayDohMan

a tv show for mature pre-schoolers who like the world they live in where whores walk the streets and pimps get all there money
i would like it to if it came on when i got out of school
by PlayDohMan April 25, 2004
a disk with such little capacity that it one of the wonders of the world why it hasn't come out of use yet
by PlayDohMan July 3, 2004
a chinese spork that floods america's stores just like everything else in the store since china is pretty much making everything for america
Look at all those sporkenese children
by PlayDohMan April 25, 2004
a person who will surrender their body to anyone who gives them dex or cold medication to get them high.
where in the fuck did they think of abusin dex?
by PlayDohMan September 29, 2004
1. when smack someone in the face with a glove
2. you do this when you challenge someone to a duel
nazi glove slap are done by back handing someone with a glove
by PlayDohMan May 14, 2004