1) Means "I don't know". Contrary to popular belief, does not mean "Keep asking me the same question and maybe an answer will pop up."
1) Her "What turns you on about bondage?"
Me "I dunno"
Her "Is it being tied down or having no control or having to place your trust in someone?"
Me "I don't know you stupid bitch! Stop asking the damn question!"
by OogaBooga October 27, 2004
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what people say when they don't feel like saying i don't know

Can also be said to be annoying
"hey do you want to go to the movies?"

"i dunno"
by i'm hungry! August 23, 2007
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How lazy people say "I don't know.".
Mom: What do you want to eat?
Kid: I dunno.
by Bananaramamamama October 31, 2009
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When a dude asks another dude where he put the stash on the ride to work in the morning. Or the same chain of events replicates at lunch time...rerun if you will. Terms and conditions will apply for non-compliance. ...and yes that would constitue an Infraction . Check your local ordernances because it's a State by State law on a case by case basis. And yes they got one of those....Aww dude your not one of those huh ?
Dude 1 ;Dude you gonna work with that or what ?

Dude 2 Reply ; ? ? I Dunno shrugging shoulders hands out flat by your side
Dude 1 ; aww dude really...your faster than me at that...besides it should be all in one place.

Dude 1 ; Well ,....That's an Infraction"

I Dunno
by DudeOneMoreAndImGood November 2, 2017
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What you must say when someone asks a question, the answer to which you dunno lol.

13:13 * irc user ¯\(°_o)/¯
13:13 * irc user2 ¯\(°_o)/¯ sais pas, lol

¯\(°_o)/¯ = i dunno lol (no caps)
by Yewb April 17, 2008
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Also written as: I dunno lol, Idunnolulz, dunnolulz
"What does it feel like to hold a woman in your arms?"
"I dunno, lol."
by blazelust February 16, 2008
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