190 definition by Phil

Comes from the secure mental hospital located in the UK.
Used as a derogatory term to describe an idiot or someone who has just done somthing stupid
Shit, I just spilt coffee all over my computer!

Man you are such a rampton
by Phil October 18, 2004

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A fuckin jerk off, dumb Person
George W Bush
by Phil July 07, 2003

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To have a previous injury be reawakened through unnatural cause or the incompetence of medical professionals.
To break something that has just been fixed.
"Oh man, Terry just refucked his car, and he just got the old dent taken care of"

"I refucked my knee in the basketball game. I guess it's back to the doctors."
by Phil February 25, 2005

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a huge, thick peice of shit. when you touch it, it feels solid and not hollow.. it usually takes 2-5 flushes to get this bad boy in the ocean
george bush is such a corn log
by Phil May 04, 2004

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1. Specific sort of Monkey
2. Racist word in Belgium for people from coloured origins, and Immigrants.
Hey makak
Vuile makak
by Phil May 22, 2006

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1. n. an establishment in the pokémon games where you can cure, trade, store and battle pokemon

2. n. the yuppie-esque store in NY that sells everything pokemon. also the name of their online store. would be pretty good if 95% of their inventory was IN STOCK. sadly, i'm not exaggerating when I say they have hardly anything available to buy. a poor excuse for a store.
1. wanna have sex at the pokemon center?
2. I tried to buy a pikachu keyring at pokemoncenter.com but it wasn't in stock. no matter, mewtwo pwns that cock sucking rodent
by Phil January 27, 2005

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A plate or tray that is used for breaking up and snorting cocaine.
My sandbox is a petri dish.
Don't sneeze near the sandbox; you'll get coke all over the floor!
by phil November 14, 2003

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