190 definition by Phil

a name from japanese animation that means a beautiful girl.
what's her name? she's bishoujo!
by Phil March 06, 2004

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to get oral sex while pooping on a toielet
that was the best blunken i ever had
by phil February 09, 2005

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1. Trippin, gotsta be kiddin.
2. Out ya mind, crazy
Ay yo that girl look fine.

Man you swellin that chick is ugly as hell.
by Phil February 06, 2004

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1) the capital of the world
2) the only real city in the usa
3) home to 8 million diverse people (and another 14 million in the immediate suburbs)
by Phil August 17, 2003

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an exclaimation shouted during sex with a ho. usually shouted before orgasm
"oh yes. suck my nuts. i'm almost there. yes. hooooooo-oooooooooohh!!!! (cums)"
by Phil January 22, 2005

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dickhead, asshole
hey, cabron!!
(mexican slang)
by Phil April 21, 2003

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a condom filled with your own excretion after masturbation and dropped off a tall building onto someone below
100 points if you drop it onto a prostitute
by Phil February 03, 2005

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