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popularized by dragonball z when someone gets energy raped and for 10 minutes you see dust. cue the bad guy coming out unharmed and the heroes acting like they didn't know he was still alive.

see also: buu's regeneration
tommy took a huge shit and the smell was like a dust scene
by Phil January 28, 2005
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a very large dyke
that bitch is is to big to be a dyke, she a dykeasaurus
by Phil May 22, 2003
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when someone says something funny or smart then its an egg white oppisite of yolk.
"e=mc2"....yo nigga you just made a fact that shit some egg white!
by Phil April 8, 2005
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The state of impotence and abject disinterest toward the political elective process.
I ain't gonna vote, I can't -- got ED.
Electile Dysfunction (ED). Had it since Regan.
by Phil November 28, 2005
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the top selling male masturbation tool. it consists of an outside case which is shaped like a large flashlight, and an inner insert which comes in a variety of colors, orifices, and internal textures & ribbing styles.
While I was shopping for my girlfriend at Toys in Babeland, one of the workers there suggested I buy the Fleshlight for myself.
by Phil February 7, 2005
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Good ass noodles that mostly black people eat when theres nothing else in the house to eat.

Also last resort
"There was nothin in the house last night, so i ate some oodles n noodles
by Phil April 3, 2005
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