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A eupharism for "fuck you" originated by Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau.
"Oh, fuddle duddle!"
by Phil February 09, 2003

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A child born to parents of mixed back ground. Specifically half mexican and half german.
When Mexicans in the US Army are stationed in Germany there are sure to be many a beanerschnitzels running around very soon.
by phil January 13, 2005

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A highly stable OS designed for the most elite of computer users. Apparantly it is often dissed on by computer newbies and gamers who think that is is an inferior operating system. There aren't many games for it, hence the reason computer gamers dislike it. And lazy bums don't like it because you actually have to do some work to install something. Or even read a readme file god-forbid! Newbies hate it because it helps eliminate 'clicky-clicky-clicky', the repetitive disease most windows users suffer (which is also apparantly addictive). Linux machines take up a very good portion of all network servers, and due to their stability - companies that use these systems rarely suffer from downtime. Because of these features, Linux is perfect for both businesses and geeks alike. It is also much more cost effiecient, see below.

Price comparision:
Windoze XP - $100-200
Windoze 2000 Pro - $180
Windoze 2000 server - $900 +
Windoze 2000 Advanced server - $1200+
Linux box set with documentation and official CDs - $20 - $70
Linux (any distro) - Free download
Woot! Look at that penguin go!
by Phil April 06, 2003

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Relatively crude all-encompassing term for a group of bands who are musically quite disparate. Current jam band successes include such unique groups as Phish (closer to being straight rock than anything), String Cheese Incident (electric-grass or "acid grass"), Yonder Mountain String Band (more traditional bluegrass), Umphrey's McGee (prog-rock and jazz influences), Widespread Panic (Southern-ish rock), Blues Traveler (blues and power rock), Medeski Martin and Wood (jazz), etc. The originators of the phenomenon were the Grateful Dead, and Dead successors such as the Other Ones, Ratdog, and Phil Lesh & Friends carry the mantle of the Dead legacy today. The term "jam band" is of course rooted in the fact that all of these bands "jam," or improvise for long periods of time during their shows. Other characteristics of "jam band" status include dedicated traveling fan bases, close rapport with such fans, long sets at shows, etc.
by Phil February 26, 2003

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Nissan Motorsports
nismo is da bomb yo
by phil July 18, 2003

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someone who extensively uses steroids
I went to the club and it was packed with roid heads
by phil June 22, 2004

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see: thief, crook, bad guy, bush

someone that plays on people's unfounded beliefs to rob and or ass rape them
Cojo made tim think he was giving him a makeover when he was really just stealing his cum
by Phil January 25, 2005

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