A religious preacher, almost always Evangelical Christian, who preaches on paid television programs. The term is a fusion of "Television" and "Evangelist", and with recent scandals involving sexual and/or financial wrong-doings among televanngelists, the term has a negative influence.
The televangelist proclaimed that if you sent money to his ministry, God would reward you.
by Unidyne March 12, 2005
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A shameless person on television that asks you to reach for God by reaching for your wallet.
Televangelist's spiel with minimal bullshit:

Are you lost on the path of righteousness? Do you believe you have failed yourself and others? God forgives you for fucking up your life. Now all I need is a few thousand dollars of your hard earned money, which you don't have to spend right now but in your spare time, so that your sins are square with the Lord.
by T Hizzle May 31, 2005
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Someone who believes that greed, war, torture, Big Business, and depriving people of freedom are examples of following Jesus' commandment to "love your neighbor as yourself." Sometimes they place greater value on the Constitution of the United States than the Bible, and use it as an excuse for patriotism (a form of idolatry) and cutting government programs which help the poor. They claim they believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, yet they believe in "the Rapture," which is not a very literal interpretation. Often, they think they can "rush" the Second Coming of Christ by promoting war in the Middle East.
I saw this televangelist on TV, who said that bombing the Middle East was God's will, and that sending him money will save me from my sins.
by RedBlade7 March 31, 2008
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1. A preening, posing, drawling, shouting clown in a purple suit and a cowboy hat whose antics cause millions of people to hate Jesus Christ.

2. A bellowing, preening, money-grubbing hypocrite stereotyped by liberals as the typical Christian.
If the Lord Jesus Christ walked into the room, the televangelist would stop shouting, drawling, and grinning through his teeth, and fall on his face in silence.
by Bumkicker Slade May 7, 2005
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see: thief, crook, bad guy, bush

someone that plays on people's unfounded beliefs to rob and or ass rape them
Cojo made tim think he was giving him a makeover when he was really just stealing his cum
by Phil January 25, 2005
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A type of politician who strives to present himself to the public in a perfectly coiffed family-man package as he deftly peppers his dogmatic and craftily laundered hate with lots of God-speak.
Ron DeSantis is the the most highly rated televangelist politician at this point in time; stay tuned to this fake-Jesus devotee.
by Dr Bunnygirl March 5, 2023
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