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An enemy that is in a move, video game, tv show, etc only one time.
*see also super villian
Kefka from Final Fantasy is a bad guy for only being in one game, while Dr. Wily from Megaman is a super villian.
by Ziggy April 22, 2005
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1. Misetinger who can't spell and can often be a real jackass, but is sometimes cool.
Your spelling is almost as bad as badguy's!
by BDD February 05, 2003
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this word is used when someone scolds you for something that you know is not a big deal but they insist on enforcing the rules
"I dont mean to be the bad guy here but you are not supposed to yell in the library" -Librarian
by wabbajack August 29, 2009
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Bad guys, is a series on created by Chris Nosal. If you haven't watched bad guys yet, you do not belong to the kewl people and you get -1 cool points.
Go watch it!
Cool guy: Have you watched the latest "Bad guys" yet?
not-so-cool guy: Bad guys?
cool guy:*slaps* Go watch bad guys, you dickhead!

nuff said
by -Rabies- June 15, 2006
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