13 definitions by Peter Alexander

A Myspace page that is created by someone else for a another person, usually someone who is computer illetrate
David : Dude you finaly got a MySpace!

Ruscell : Yer well actually Charlie made it for me, so its a YourSpace i guess
by Peter Alexander July 14, 2008
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The term for a forigner, who has a unusual name typically asian or europeans, which is hard to pronounce for an aussie, so i substitute name is needed
Bob: Hey nice to meet you, im bob and you are?

Muganel: Im Muganel, good thx

Bob: Damn you need an aussie name like shazza or something
by Peter Alexander August 11, 2008
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a why of conning our parents to attemd more partys, homework parties do not involve any homework, usually drunk twister and partying maddly
Jason : Hey man come to my 18th on Friday

Aaron : Dude idk my parents are been a bitch they want me to do more study

Jason : Just tell them its a homework party, they fall for that shit all the time
by Peter Alexander July 14, 2008
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V Line is a shit train service in victoria, Australia. V-line is well known for been 5 hours or more late, over flowing dunnies and people throwing rocks at windows. Many people choose to take the bus or drive. V line is also very slow strugles to do 100kmh compared to Frances fast trains which does like 500kmh+
Person #1 "WTF it only takes 3 hours to get to Albury, where were you for the other 2 hours"

Person #2 "I was on V Line."

Person #1 "Oh sorry that explains alot"
by Peter Alexander May 28, 2008
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Basically a I-Pod Nano taped to the back of a mobile phone, a cheaper option than the I Phone, also Classic Phone, Shuffle Phone and Touch Phone
Joel: Hey man check out my new I-Phone its awersome

Sam: Dude thats so gay my Nano Phone has pretty much all the same features but half the price
by Peter Alexander August 11, 2008
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a so called celeribity from shows like Big Brother, only popular for the time the show is on, but when its over they are never heard off again
Robbo - "Hey wotever happened to Stacey from Big Bro??"

Johno - "Dude that was last season, she is a Z - Grade Celebrity
by Peter Alexander July 13, 2008
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A little Country town 30km from Albury, Biggest Attraction is the TSR (Travelling Stock Reserve) which attracts many Bogans, Yobos and Aussies in general, popular things to do in Howlong include purchasing a $500 Commerdore or Falcon and thrashing the shit out of it, then lighting it on fire in the TSR, cheaper options include putting Fly Spray and Butane cans in the fire whilst your pissed on Smirnoff and Aussie Beers like VB, Carlton and Boags

For Yanks and Other UnAustralian peoples Commerdore and Falcon are Aussie Cars
Taz - Hey i just brought this Commerdore for $450 on E-bay do u wanna come with me and thrash the shit out of it

Shaw - Fuck Yeh, Lets fo it at the TSR at Howlong

Taz - Bloody Oath, your paying fuel
by Peter Alexander July 13, 2008
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