13 definitions by Peter Alexander

Basically a I-Pod Nano taped to the back of a mobile phone, a cheaper option than the I Phone, also Classic Phone, Shuffle Phone and Touch Phone
Joel: Hey man check out my new I-Phone its awersome

Sam: Dude thats so gay my Nano Phone has pretty much all the same features but half the price
by Peter Alexander August 11, 2008
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The term for a forigner, who has a unusual name typically asian or europeans, which is hard to pronounce for an aussie, so i substitute name is needed
Bob: Hey nice to meet you, im bob and you are?

Muganel: Im Muganel, good thx

Bob: Damn you need an aussie name like shazza or something
by Peter Alexander August 11, 2008
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The unoffical suburb name of Lavington, in Albury NSW Australia, The name is well known due to alot of unfriendly people living in Lavington
"Ok guys lock the doors we are about to drive through Stabington
by Peter Alexander August 11, 2008
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Similar to the regular haircut, but insted its pubic hairs that are cut
Dave: How was Jenny last night?

Shaun: Mate, she is hot as fuck, but man she needs a pube cut, its a bloody jungle down there
by Peter Alexander August 11, 2008
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A reply from someone who is beign told that one of there friends has been owned
Mitch: Hahahaha Brad got his Astra bogged at Mungab and the front bumper fell of!

Taz: Hahahaha Snap!
by Peter Alexander August 11, 2008
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The accronym for "Have A Nice Day"
Jimmy "See ya Greg...HAND"

Greg "Hand?"

Jimmy "Have A Nice Day"
by Peter Alexander August 13, 2008
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a why of conning our parents to attemd more partys, homework parties do not involve any homework, usually drunk twister and partying maddly
Jason : Hey man come to my 18th on Friday

Aaron : Dude idk my parents are been a bitch they want me to do more study

Jason : Just tell them its a homework party, they fall for that shit all the time
by Peter Alexander July 14, 2008
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