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A phrase of approval when you agree with something. Commonly used by Australians
"Tony Abbott is a wanker"

"Bloody Oath!"
by mrratburn April 03, 2015
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Australian, slang. an expression to emphasise the the intencity of ones opinion. To declare honesty.
Mate, did your mate drink that whole Carton of beer I had in the fridge?

"Bloody Oath he did mate...( burp) "
by christopher January 20, 2004
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Australian slang term. Used in light hearted manner conveying humour at seriousness of subject under discussion. The more humour Australians use in speech is indicator of seriousness involved.
Q: Has the flood destroyed your farm and all the crops?
A; Bloody Oath, we'll have to start from scratch.
by ErnMalleyscrub April 17, 2011
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