This Shit Rules.

as made famous by an Against Me! song T.S.R
Hey man, TSR.
by _____h April 12, 2011
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Yes, jim, jumping a snake on a unicycle is a great idea. #tsr
by loserb4 February 23, 2011
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the abbreviated form of toilet shit rape, filling a toilet with the most disgusting shit ever, resulting in your toilet feeling completely violated afterward to the point where it may file claims of domestic and sexual assault against you.
Dude, my toilet just TOOK IT with the TSR that I just laid down.
by WWDIHAB March 12, 2010
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Terminate and Stay Resident programs are programs written so that after they are done they allow the operating system to be used again, but still stay in RAM allowing them to be sued later at certain times or when certain things occurred, this type of program was also the basis of most of the virus's that infect early DOS computers.
by ardvark86 September 28, 2009
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The student room- helps with GCSE, a-level corona-virus help, applying to uni, university, careers and jobs, relationships and health, student finance, and news and entertainment.
Friend 1: Do you use TSR?
Friend 2: Yeah it helps me how to apply for uni
Friend 3: I am looking for help for a relationship
by Rosegal x June 2, 2020
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TSR stands for The Squirrel Rebellion. This is a group of 7 girls on YouTube who make daily videos on a whole new level of awesome. After following them, you will notice the presence of squirrels in your everyday life.
-Hey! Have you checked out the new TSR video?
-No, not yet! Damn, gotta do it now or the squirrels shall punish me. better do that.
by midnightdueller March 14, 2010
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a extremely cool skate team that has a phat bag of tricks
tsr is the coolest i wish i could be like them
by Stephen Siciliano January 13, 2004
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