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Astra is a girl who is too cool. When people see an Astra on the street, they say, "Man, that girl is so damn hip. I wish I was/was with that girl." You can tell an Astra from a mile away because they usually have rad tattoos and are listening to super cool underground music on their Ipod. If you run into a girl at some local show and she's the only on who knows the words to all the songs, you know it's an Astra.
"My God, check that girl's hip swagger. She's totally an Astra."

"I met an Astra at Cervantes last night."

"Man, this swanky party is full of Astras"
by ellejune February 03, 2010
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Someone outta this world; someone whoms perfection is beyond understanding and incomprehendable by most. Someone who is DTF one moment and ready to kick your ass in COD the next.
Me:"k-chan is so Astra"
by SkylerSenpai July 06, 2016
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