One who violently torques the man's penis during a hand job in an uncomfortable manner, most commonly resulting in abrasions and/or contusions to the foreskin.
"Damn bitch, I didn't know you was a twister, lighten up on that grip."

"It ain't a screwdriver baby, why you twistin' so hard?"
by Jay Weezy May 12, 2008
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Another word for 'Tornado' Meaning "a violent windstorm" which is the actual definition!
Wow, that twister must be atleast an f3
by Brian February 28, 2004
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a word commonly referred to as sex or any other physical activity between a girl and a man with out clothes or minimal clothes
hey girl you wanna play some twister tonight
by TAF119 March 16, 2009
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a modification of the shoker or shocker.
where one crosses the the pointer and middle finger.
when you're tired of the shoker show her the twister
by a god April 26, 2005
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a sexual act similar to the shocker but instead of the pointer and index side by side you cross, or twist, them if u will, so that the feeling is that much more erotic when inserted into the girl
dubsys: holy shit, i cant even walk straight due to that insane twister last night!
kdawg: we had a tornado? what?
dubsys: no dude bayard gave me the hottest twister in bed, it drove me wild
kdawg: ohhhh, that twister
by themopedwhisperer November 9, 2009
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when you take your tounge and stick it in a girls pussy and twist your toung also refered as eating you out
matt gave me a twister in bed last night, it was soo good
by Nicolex33 May 24, 2007
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someone who twistes a situation.... basically a real bitch. they take something someone has said then twist it to what they want to make it sound worse nd basically cause arguments ALL the time. bitch
claire- i just dont really like hannah tht much shes ok i just prefer not being around her.
emily- aw dnt worry i feel the same
claire- dont tell
emily- dont worry i wont
emily(to sarah)- claire hates hannahs guts and thinks shes a TOTAL bitch lol!!! she want her to crawl into a little corner and slit herself coz she hates her sooo much!
(claire finds out wen hannah finds out)
hannah- omg u bitch i thort u liked me!!!!
claire- wat?
hannah- u want me to kill myself coz u hate my guts!
claire- i NEVA sed that
hannah- apparently u did!
claire- wel sum1 has been a twister coz i neva sed tht!!!!
by 99*-* December 7, 2006
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