Lavington is a "town" too closely connected to Albury, a small civilised town on the border of New South Wales and Victoria. Often called Stabington for its impoverished violent people. Its epicentre is the "Lavington Shopping centre" it can be identified by plumes of smoke protruding from its doors and "people" wearing nothing but singlets, denim undies and no shoes. Society frowns upon the unsavoury Lavians, as constant infiltrations of them migrate into civil areas, such as QE2 square, in Dean Street.

Lavians can also be identified through purchases, such as Orange foundation, Car dice, tattoos, smokes and excessive amounts of VB.

Lavians support Collingwood, often getting tattoos to show their support, in Lavian femenine society the sale of anything with leopard print and pink lace is desired and highly valued, virginity was extinct 30 years ago when the colony began.
Formal wear includes fishnets, havianas and target matching tracksuits. If affordable, Nike runners are used to show wealth and are paired with jeans for Weddings.
A Lavian's diet and cuisine is vast consisting of Nicotine, chicken nuggets, burgers, frozen dinners diet shakes, alcohol and much more.
tracksuits Leopard print runners Lavington
by ...the analyst February 27, 2012