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A sketch22 is a term describing an act that you know is gonna is gonna go wrong, probably horribly costing friendships,and or money, excessive time, any or more or less of the above. With only a brief ,nominal or temporary reward,coupled with sometimes long term or semi to permanent irreversible consequences. Asketch22, is usually found describing,mackin on,hookin up,bangin out, using up,somebody's girlfriend,wife, and, or,significant other and there is a moderate level of risk,that on a scale of risk,1 being low risk, starts around 7 and maxes out at 10, unless of course the significant other is sleeping in the same room, making it an even sketchier22
So,this sweet queen wants me to spend the night with her at her place,I'm feeling a little apprehensive because this isfor sure a sketch22,and theres a chance her boyfriend might even come home or be home,makin it an even sketchier22!
by Peteandbird June 23, 2019
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A situation that you know is gonna go horribly wrong, but you could gain a temporary reward. But with a costly or painful price/outcome to follow. Usually sketch22 is involving stealing a buddies girl, even if it's temporay( one nighter fuckfest,in his bed would make it an even sketchier 22
So I'm planning to hook up with his girlfriend,cause he's gone to massacheusettes for the nite,but she wants me to stay over in their apartment,and that's a definitesketch22 ,plus we'd be banging out in his bed, an even sketchier 22!
by Peteandbird June 22, 2019
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Dodge caravan is what you have when you put one finger in the vagina and 4 fingers in the rear end.
" I gave that gal the dodge caravan!" Waddayah mean the dodge caravan?" Yah,you know, One up front and 4 in the rear!"
by Peteandbird July 21, 2021
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"Downysoft" is what happens when your significant male counterpart is supposed to " rise" to the occasion,but unfortunately he has consumed an amount of heroin,or fetynal,or some other downer,rendering his penis useless- to be more exact," Downysoft"
" Hey, Jodie,I saw you with that rockstar last night,you must have got lucky!" " No,just before we were gonna get it on, he ran to the bathroom, when he returned,his dick was Downysoft"
by Peteandbird July 21, 2021
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A person who is commonly sucking a narrow string bean -like penis. Mildly derogatory,Usually said by a person of substantial girth.
Normally, I'd be all over that queen,but judging by her boyfriend,shes a total
by Peteandbird October 29, 2017
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A zipsplat is a person that arrives at yer house lookin for a free handout,food,drugs ect. They often hover near the couch.At first they seem energetic and helpful (zip)after injesting said food or drugs, the energy and or morale drops almost to an unbelievable level(splat) these people are hard to remove once rooted on your couch
Normally I'd have enough food for the week,but unfortunately my house contains three zipsplats
by Peteandbird June 13, 2019
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