R- Truth: Remember, crap is crap...and tonight, crap is gonna get got!
by Awesome Truth April 4, 2012
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Ill white punk-rapper known for such classics as "Anal Thermometer", "My Pontiac" and "Spank Bank". AKA GGG, Trip G, Trip Jeezy, Tha Trippla, G to Tha Three, etc.
Gonna Get Got -- exploding your sister's hymen in a town near you!
by BeanSpleen May 30, 2007
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I'm about to try and flirt with you or try and talk to you
Example: girl:yea we just broke up

Boy:awe for real well I'm gonna get on
by Taskmaster August 21, 2015
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a phrase used when some ho steps out of her bounds - connoting the use of violence to mediate disputes.
Person 1: Karen just slept with Sarah's man.
Person 2: Oh no she di'n't!
Sarah: Bitches gonna get stitches!
by Tank Morris and Clutch Kerley January 13, 2004
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1. n. One of the many images found on sites like Fark and on gaming BBSes. Depicts a black guy with spooky eyes looking out from under a hooded winter jacket.

2. intj. The desire of one to pwn another.
omg ha ha i just pwned your ass. you gonna get raped
by Cthulhu_Lives May 7, 2006
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It is a response to any statement. Often where the person being told the statement doesn't care about it.
Tony says, "Hey Matt, I just got hit by a bus." Matt responds, "You're gonna get that sometimes"
by thegland5 September 4, 2008
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