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When you sit on someone else's pillow and blow a hot, rancid fart into it as you slowly raise your ass off it to create a sponge effect that will trap the smell inside. Later when that person goes to bed and presses their head into the pillow, the stale fart is ejected right into their face.
My mother-in-law is staying in the guest room, so I made sure to leave a cocoa puff in both pillows.
by PaulAllensCard January 29, 2015
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(Sex act) While performing oral sex on a woman, the tongue manipulates the clitoris like a joystick moving up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right- the same directional commands used in the infamous "99 lives" cheat in the old 80's Nintendo game Contra. Since the same cheat works in the classic Castlevania, this could also be referred to as The Castlevania Code, or even "Contralingus".
"I had my face in her crotch for a good ten minutes, but once I entered the Contra Code she squirted so hard I saw it arc right over my shoulder"
by PaulAllensCard January 30, 2015
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Controligarch English, noun: This is the fun part- YOU get to do my thinking 👍🎅🏿
Make it about your boyf, or if you ARE the quasi-abusive boyoyff then make it about your Russian gamepad issues financially driven to politically influence things on yachts with tacky gold and marble decor- it's bananas! Go nuts you deserve it
The word is "controligarch"
By the way there's some shit on the northwest corner of your touchscreen, sugarplum. Give it a wet wipe yo 💕
by PaulAllensCard January 20, 2021
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The arrest record of a serial rapist or sex offender ("Jacket" being an acronym for a criminal history file). A play on the infamous "Cosby Sweater".
An in-depth background check on the school janitor revealed a Cosby Jacket hidden in his closet.
by PaulAllensCard January 29, 2015
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A shot of drugs up the ass via oral syringe (the kind you use to feed a baby squirrel or whatever)
I have never done a butt rocket, I'm simply reporting it's existence.
by PaulAllensCard August 30, 2015
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Bail money put forth by the Catholic Church to release a priest from jail on molestation charges
Your Holiness, we have put up millions in Christian Bail- the gold-plated high-rise cathedral project must be put on hold for now
by PaulAllensCard February 03, 2015
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Sprinkling someone else's pillow with pubic hair that's been ground into dust or chopped up into tiny enough pieces that it will 1. not be easily seen or detected and 2. likely be inhaled, ingested and stuck to the face not unlike glitter.

Other names include Grinch Powder, Dream Glitter, The Salty Sandman, Fairy Dust, Pillow Peppering
"Grandma, I am so sorry to have to tell you this right now, with you being in the hospital and so ill.... Okay, remember that Christmas you gave me the 60" Vizio plasma TV when I very clearly wanted the Sony LED? Well, I jungle dusted your pillow the next time you came to stay with us. Whoo! Damn, I feel SO much better now that you know!! Bye gram-gram."

Jungle Dusting.
by PaulAllensCard January 31, 2015
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