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Bail money put forth by the Catholic Church to release a priest from jail on molestation charges
Your Holiness, we have put up millions in Christian Bail- the gold-plated high-rise cathedral project must be put on hold for now
by PaulAllensCard February 03, 2015

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(noun, pron. "Nu-cocky") The strategic act of war in which one country, state or province is bombarded with nuclear missiles from all angles by surrounding hostile nations. Ideally this would end once all belligerent forces have fully expended their stockpiles and the target is covered in pearly white fallout.
"Mr. President, North Korea just hit Seoul, Okinawa and Taiwan with medium-range ballistic missiles... We have all members of NATO on conference, and they unanimously voted to respond with a Nukkake."
by PaulAllensCard January 29, 2015

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Sprinkling someone else's pillow with pubic hair that's been ground into dust or chopped up into tiny enough pieces that it will 1. not be easily seen or detected and 2. likely be inhaled, ingested and stuck to the face not unlike glitter.

Other names include Grinch Powder, Dream Glitter, The Salty Sandman, Fairy Dust, Pillow Peppering
"Grandma, I am so sorry to have to tell you this right now, with you being in the hospital and so ill.... Okay, remember that Christmas you gave me the 60" Vizio plasma TV when I very clearly wanted the Sony LED? Well, I jungle dusted your pillow the next time you came to stay with us. Whoo! Damn, I feel SO much better now that you know!! Bye gram-gram."

Jungle Dusting.
by PaulAllensCard January 31, 2015

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(noun) A forceful, high-velocity shot of semen, typically pressurized by a long-term buildup resulting from:

1. Infrequent tug sessions

2. Denial of sex or

3. Inconclusive vaginal/ oral copulation
Sex-starved for months, Carlos finally bedded Vanessa. After twelve seconds of furious thrusting a painful spike in his ball-pressure erupted, firing a deadly Hot Wax Dart directly into Vanessa's cervix
....and therefore scoring a Balls-eye.
by PaulAllensCard February 04, 2015

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The three-way shot of ejaculate from a pierced penis without the ring, creating a fountain-like eruption of semen.

Could also be called the Yogurt Shotgun, Tapioca Sprinkler or Spread Shot
Ever since I lost my ring the old Yogurt Fountain spits in my eye every time I rub one out.
by PaulAllensCard February 03, 2015

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1. A sexual encounter with a robot

2. Being molested by someone disguised as a robot
The new generation T-3000 is fully sentient, made from high-tensile alloys, is combat ready, and gives one tornado of an erotic ROM Job.
by PaulAllensCard February 02, 2015

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A private space for discreet masturbation created by draping sheets over the lower bunk of a bunk bed, usually in a communal living situation like county jail or band camp.
"Hey Antoine, can I borrow your blanket? I'm building a tug tent..."
by PaulAllensCard January 30, 2015

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