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Estonia's answer to the Spice Girls. They're a rock band, not a girly pop group. Honest.
That Spice Girls curry was hot! I'll have some refreshing Vanilla Ninja ice cream.
by Paul June 17, 2006
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it has to do with all things vege-like, the epitome of all things vege.
the name for someone who shows pure ownage
Mildew: Vege you pwn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vege:yeah vege i know
cheddar: jes...
by Paul April 01, 2004
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The worlds best subwoofer. Every subwoofer has less than 1% destortion. Every sub 12-18 in. has lass than .5% destortion. Now that's power! Go to the website...
by Paul January 17, 2005
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See ZaPpeh,
Veng = Vengeance
Also known as a Knob Jockey
Veng sucks the Twat.
by Paul July 23, 2004
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A large raviness female, often looking for snoo snoo. Typically styles hair like a viking male, and yells at offspring because "it" itself is useless.
All Hail the mighty Thorina!
by Paul January 10, 2004
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volcano thing on those rockie mountains.
also a kickass band from the very south.
3FJ do rock. www.threefingeredjack.com.ar
by Paul July 18, 2003
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An Aussie slang word for W.C or bog for the less educated
Where's David? Can't you hear he's in the thunder box
by Paul May 07, 2005
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