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Cigarette. Taken from screen actor Humphrey Bogart who was often seen smoking in his films.
Yo man, can I bum a bogie?
by Jimmy O February 21, 2005
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A slang word for cigarette, commonly used in southern Ontario Canada and the eastern United states.
Yo, you have an extra bogie?
by 4.2.0. February 13, 2010
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Term used in the Air Force, an unknown aerial target, one that hasn't been identified as friendly or hostile because of range, weather, or other reasons.
It is never a good idea to assume the worst and engage bogies without IFF (Identify Friendly or Foe), you could end up shooting down a friendly.

Pilot 1: Bogies six o'clock!!
Pilot 2: Copy that! (Split S away)
Pilot 1: What's their ID? Over!
Pilot 2: Confirmed F-15 spike, they are friendlies, over!
Pilot 1: Roger that, return to formation!
by 169th_Raptor April 22, 2008
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A bogie is a scottish term for a child's toy cart - the sort of thing we used to lash up from an orange box and a set of pram wheels. "Soapbox" is the nearest equivalent
Bet you my bogie is faster than yours
by mangovega April 22, 2010
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