somthing that you say when u are really happy or bored or just wanna make a statment and you dont really know what to say.
WEEEEE! I'm naked let make love in the tub!!!

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Im bored lets go do stuff!!!

WEEEE! ...mommy mommy look at me!!! I'm an airplane... wait bird... no IM SUPER KAWAII!!!
by sangi January 20, 2007
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To Masturbate, spank the monkey, jack off, fesa.
I'm off to weeee. See you tomorrow.
by Paul September 7, 2003
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1)A sound shouted when one is in the process of doing something fun.
2) Online, an expression to say "i'm bored." or "I'm in a great mood" or anything else a person could think it to mean.
3) An extremely funny online song including a squirrel who sings about his private parts and strife.
1)~"garsh golly im bored."
2) *child runs around crazily in circles* "weeeeee!"
3) (taken from Weee! the song)
"once, i saw ths guy and he was like OMG i got a knife and i was like OMG weeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
by Da Cookie Monster March 22, 2005
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John, "My mom died"
El Rick, "WEEEE!"
by HunkyJunky September 8, 2022
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