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A fatty who is a juggalo. A lardass fan of the Insane Clown Posse. A juggalo who obviously is not interested in any diet version of Faygo.
Whoa, look at her . . . clown makeup, 2 liter of Faygo, big tits . . . and a big huge ass! She's a juggaload! I'd hit it!
by PMax March 18, 2008
An ass that is too fat; a rump that is too plump; being too big in the butt.
Robin would be pretty hot except that she has too much junk in the trunk.
by PMax April 14, 2008
The beatdown routinely administered to Ohio State by Florida and LSU and other SEC schools. The Southeastern Conference is ridiculously superior to the Big Ten and the routine administering of the Ohio Spank to the Big Ten conference champion Ohio State (NCAA football championship games, 2006 and 2007 seasons; NCAA basketball championship game in the same season by Florida) is proof of this. Ohio State is 0 for 9 vs. the SEC in bowl games; this too is another manifestation of the Ohio Spank.
If the Buckeyes play another SEC team anytime soon you can rest assured that they will receive yet another Ohio Spank.
by PMax March 9, 2008
Fucked by a fat chick; frumped by a fatty or plumper. Being made into a plumper pumper against one's better judgment or even involuntarily. Getting fat bitched.
It was hog night and we went to each find a big fat fatty. We all said "hog hard or hog home" and told each other "happy hogging". John had second thoughts, but got drunk and ended up with a buffet slayer. He claimed that he had been fat bitched only because he got so drunk but we knew that he had not been plumped involuntarily. We knew that he enjoyed it and we told him that he was a hogger and a hippo farmer and a chunk fucker who enjoyed his tubby little war pig.
by PMax August 12, 2008
When someone has become a hogger; when someone has had sex with a fat chick or a fat chick; when someone has gone hogging.
When we were at the bar the other night, Jon started hitting on a fatty. He took her home and had sex with her. He got fat bitched and now he is a hogger.
by PMax February 23, 2008
1. Chief executive officer of a state in the United States.

2. A valve that affects fuel supply and output to an engine in order to impose a maximum speed on a vehicle.
1. Before they became President of the United States, Bill Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas and Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California.

2. The rental truck we used to move Pat's furniture had a governor valve that prevented us from driving faster than 65 mph.
by PMax February 24, 2008
The degree to which a girl is a frump, or the amount by which an otherwise attractive girl has reduced her attractiveness by gaining weight, dressing sloppy or not wearing makeup or doing her hair.
She was really cute, but sometimes she didn't look that great because she would dial up the frump factor by wearing big loose sweatshirts and ratty jeans.
by PMax March 9, 2008