A female that is slutty or otherwise undesirable.
Ex 1:
P1: Wow, check out that chick.
P2: No dude, that chick's totally a skeezer.

Ex 2:
P1:Hey there's supposed to be a new girl at work today.
P2:Yeah, I saw her dude, definitely a skeezer.
by pyner42 March 10, 2008
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A Female who has a boyfriend but a sex buddy on the side.
G1-"chantell's still with mark but has damien on the side . . get it???"
by delldenise June 2, 2006
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Someone who hoes around and acts like a whole bitch.
That girl fucks with everybody she’s a “skeezer for real
by Yathrib October 27, 2019
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“I can not love on no skeezer, that is a dub ion need her.”
by eyawihs March 16, 2021
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1) A slang term for woman with low morals and poor hygene. Derived from 'Skeezy', a variant of the word 'Skeevy', meaning filthy or stained with fecal matter, urine and/or semen.
2) A low-class prostitute; one who is diseased, ugly, prematurely aged and/or worn-out from hard work and rough trade.
3) An immoral woman with no pride; one who engages in humiliating and degrading sexual acts for little or no gratitude or reward.
1) "Man that skeezer smells pretty ripe."
2) "20 bucks!? For THAT? Man, for that kind of money you could buy four skeezers like her and still feel cheated!"
3) That skeezer did WHAT? With WHAT sports team? And she KNEW they were filming her? Man, if they have any compassion at all they should at least buy her dinner afterwards...or offer to hose her down before the next tour group came by..."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
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An evil, angry, scandalous, emotionally unstable and psychologically disturbed female predator that will typically blame men for the irresponsible and immature choices she has made in her life. A skeezer assumes, with fradulent intent, the character of a good woman so she can prey (not pray) on and use good men to support her selfish, inappropriate and irresponsible lifestyle. She will also use her children or get pregnant if she has to and will set no limit to get what she wants.
Her mother was a skeezer and so was her aunt and they taught her everything she knows.
by J. Duval November 29, 2007
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Skeezers is some nasty ass hoes who think they really great when they overweight outta shape and really hate they think everyone wants them when they dont unless you drunk or gone off some of that liq or l.i.q and u fuccs with one of them you will wake up and say DAYUM WHY THE FUCK DID I DO THAT NASTY HOE!!!
Yo dogg you gonna hit up that party.
Well my nigga watch out for them sick ass skeezers holla at a playa
by hewey May 31, 2004
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