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A slot machine, Named after the 'old' era of slot machines with the arm on the side you pulled down. This was prior to modern era push button machines.
That slot-jockey has been playin the one armed bandit for hours.
by PG January 26, 2003

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A term for the vagina of a woman with one or several STD's.
"Jane has had sex with so many guys she's probably got acid snatch by now."
by PG April 21, 2003

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your mouth / teeth
This fool was trippin' and got all up in my grille.
by PG January 26, 2003

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A dirty woman who walks along rivers and meets fisher men and then offers to have you give her the shocker.
That river hobbit we met today sure did like to have the shocker inserted into her dirty spider.
by PG November 26, 2004

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A nasty boy who plays runescape, Americas Army, and gunbound. Formerly known as my friend.
Ranzar is noob who always throws flash bangs at his team-mates.
by PG July 09, 2004

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The word "President" Bush uses to describe you getting your ass canned at work so that your job can go overseas.
President Bush out sourced 3 million American jobs (So far) in office
by PG February 28, 2004

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As one of the top prestigious teams in the nation, Prep finishes in the top 10-15 every year. We beat Landon in 2003 due to our incredible talent, and our remarkable defensive skills, and not because of our recruiting. Regardless of our national standing against the Landon School, we are always a better team. We respect our opponents and prepare for every game (not just the landon game).
CF: hey fellow landon fags, you wanna smash this prep guy's car???
landon fags: sure, we go to landon. Were fucking delinquent jackasses who couldnt possible get caught by the police!
by PG April 24, 2005

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