The replacement of the wine bottle. Pretty much a foil bag with a tap. Usually contains cheap wine. Popular drink for bums, aboriginals and teenagers as it is inexpensive and the bag can be inflated and used as a pillow.
Damn look theres a huge pile of silver!
No thats the Mullangutta tribe sleeping on casks
by ohwefoh September 28, 2006
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you goin' to Delta Sig's rush party Saturday night? I hear dey be invitin' some hoes and plan on havin' 10 casks of keystone light.
by tim-tim April 24, 2004
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Cat 1 - Yo, I'll lick yo butt fo 3 casks!
Cat 2 - I can't, I already owe you 20 casks for last night!
by Hyper-pooper July 30, 2009
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When someone you know/are familiar with gets so drunk, you have to hide their alcoholic beverages under your mattress.
"Man, he was so wasted last night, I had to pull a Cask of amontillado before things got bad".
by elotesss_2005 December 9, 2020
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When you don't float the keg and it sits for a couple of days. Then you decide to finish it off.
You: You got anythin to drink?
Me: Yeah, we've got some Revolver Bock cask style.
by ur_dict February 22, 2016
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