A cultural icon stuck in a painting created by a member of the Caswell family. He speaks of reminisces about the past glory of his homeland and it's untimely destruction. Although The Chief regularly posts his thoughts via social media platforms, his sadness for the loss of his land is all too often overlooked and forgotten by the masses who only follow him to receive a laugh as they continue on their quest for self actualization, leaving The Chief behind and alone...yet again.
"Did you see that anecdotal comment The Chief made yesterday? It was so funny! Let's go cut down some trees."

"Wow I feel great today. I think I will go laugh at what The Chief said. And then feel great some more. Cause I laughed."

"Dude, The Chief sure has seemed down the last few days. Sure is too bad about the destruction of his homeland. Let's get some gluten free wings."
by TopMountA April 8, 2012
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In a similar essence to shot for shot in drinking, chief for chief occurs when two people are smoking most commonly a joint or cart. Every time one person takes a “chief,” the other person must “chief” the joint or cart to match.
Hey bro, I have this joint. Wanna go chief for chief tonight?
by SonicSwagGaminf June 22, 2022
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1: ~verb~ To smoke something vigorously
Ex: He was chiefing on my tank.
Ex:Bruh, he's chiefing the fuck out of that blunt!
by johnnyboy9er9er November 16, 2019
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The opposite of this ain't it chief. When you and yo homies know something is it you just know
Chief: pineapples on pizza is trifling
Not chief: hell yeah, this is it chief
by JadeLikeAGem September 19, 2018
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1) To relate or support one's statement.
"Man he was cock blockin hard as hell,on chief he was.
by Papa Burr October 1, 2007
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