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a sexual act, during oral stimulation of the male genitalia, the male blows his proverbial "LOAD" in the the females or males mouth, as this occures the 2nd party hickups cause the spermanazoa expellig out of the nasal cavity.
dirty spider all over my face......awesome!!!!!
by joey-t December 05, 2003
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A sexual act in which you do doggystyle up against a wall, before you climax you pull out and ram your dick into the girl's ass as hard as you can, she'll scream and climb the wall like a spider.
Guy 1: "Dude I totally dirty spidered her last night!"
Guy 2 "Oh that's why she can't walk properly today"
by chaosxcv August 09, 2018
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when someone is sleeping, you put your ass in their face as to tickle their nose with your taint hair.
yo, i just dirty spider'd youre bitch last night.
by Tony Flores September 25, 2006
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