evil machine that steals countless quarters from people and kills 8 a year (those dumases deserve, killed by a soda machine is sad)
u dirty evil machine, give me my soda and money!
by grisha July 16, 2003
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Something Ikebukuro is running out of.
"Dude, did you see that flying vending machine the other day!?"
"Yeah, it had to be {Shizuo Heiwajima}!"
by fuckingpeterick December 20, 2016
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A group of super attractive women or men. Individually they are usually referred to as a snack
"That bar last night was a straight up vending machine man" -Riley
"How so?" -AP
"It had all the snacks in there" -Riley
by Snaplatts February 20, 2018
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a group of "snacks" in one setting
my friends and I were in the mall looking like a vending machine
by jlunsford2 May 8, 2018
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vending machine means a woman or prostitute. You give them money and they disperse just as a food vending machine would.
Hey that chicks a vending machine, i'd love to buy a packet of mucus
by koksta September 14, 2009
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the name you give someone after they inadvertently or purposely drink a quarter during a drinking game.
"Yo, Matt...you drank a quarter?? You're like a vending machine...like (the) vending machine, THE VENDING MACHINE!!"
by UkeDaMan March 19, 2010
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