John Wayne. The ultimate gunslinging star of the Western, and one of the greatest men ever to live.

He played the same character in every movie he was ever in. Calm, rugged--a real man with a gun and a heart. He never changed, and that's why we love him. You always knew where you stood with John Wayne.
by Lady Chevalier April 9, 2004
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John Wayne, the man who could kick everyones ass.
The Duke would whoop any of these fake-gangstas asses, 50 Cent aint got nothing on The Duke,
by Anonymous, King April 1, 2004
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An ailment prevalent in the cheffing community during the summer months. Most commonly resulting from a combination of sweat, heat and friction leading to a chaffing rash between the thighs. Symptoms include walking like John Wayne.
Cook1: You're walking like you got fucked in the arse... your woman make you go horse riding again?
Cook2: Nah mate, I got the duke.
by achef January 8, 2012
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The name "the duke" derives from " The Du" meaning awsome party type. It is a nickname given to anyone who knows how to party and most certainly knows how to have a good time. Many have called them selves "The Duke" but many are not worthy of the name. A duke is someone that once you see them you are instantly taken by them, they are very funny, warm and welcoming people, they will brighten someones day, but the duke is also some one to not mess with, he tends to have large circles of friends and will most certainly bite back with more force if you are to try anything on one of them. They are just awesome
Person 1 "dude did u just see that guy, man he looks like he knows how to party. Pretty good looking too"

Person 2 " ya man he does look cool"

Person 3 " That's cause he The Duke!"

Person 1 "AWESOME!"
by The original Duke December 31, 2011
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The hardest of all Haligonians. Wears a white hoodie and is often seen riding a skateboard. He has no affiliation with any gangs, but simply his name strikes fear into the hearts of most South enders.
Man, didn't you hear the Duke? "Snitches get stitches."
by Jim Schmitt April 27, 2007
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An affectionate term for David Dickinson (the presenter of a British TV series called Bargain Hunt).
dude1: who the hell is that bronzed guy wearing pinstipe on the tele?
dude2: Dude! that's The Duke
by Carnophage December 16, 2004
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A drafting teacher at a particular high school. The baddest engineer mofo to ever walk the face of the earth. If you do something bad in his class, you get owned immediately, due to all the cameras watching your every move. He frequently calls people dude or man.

Verb: to duke; duked

Means to get owned by The Duke
Guy #1: So how was The Duke's class today?
Guy #2: Man, this guy was messing around with all the computers, and The Duke totally duked him out. Now he's banned from all computers in the school!
Guy #1: Boner...
by WhoaTimesTwo October 18, 2004
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