athletes who are very stong.
Can be male and female.
Some are big bitches
OMG can you believe those rumors the cheerleaders are starting.
by Hannah Wevert July 4, 2008
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Athletes who work hard to discard the hateful stereotypes that tv and movies have put into there heads. Im a cheerleader and im not a slut ho or a bitch.Y E S cheerleading is a sport that we work hard for. The competition consists of 4 different parts which are dance,stunt,tumbling,and cheer. Im sick and tired of being put down by you people who dont know a god damn thing about cheerleading. BeCause i promise you ,you couldnt do what we do if you tried. So the next time you go judging a cheerleader remember this. You are no better than we are.
P1: look at those cheerleaders
P2: yea i bet shes a whore
Me: stfu
by Pompom138 June 21, 2009
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The Majority is Stereotypically bitchy, snotty, egotistical, vain, thinks the world revolves around them, thinks they are the sh!t as many of you clearly stated, simply enjoys making fun of outcasts such as nerds, loners, and other different groups of people that are outside of their preppy ass realm.

Uncommonly down to earth, very nice, friendly, loves to cheer, lots of energy. and many other characteristics that most people wouldn't expect
if you watch movies like "Bring it On", "The Hot Chick" and other stupid retarded movies that Hollywood loves to create all these stereotypes then pretty much you will see the common stereotype of cheerleaders.

from personal experience as a loner/nerd there are some that are nice, while others the "elites" are unfortunately the ones that are pretty much the "B with an Itches"

and we "nerds" can party too. without us you people wouldn't have all this great high-tech shit that we now have today, so at least give us some respect and appreciation thank you very much.
by JustAnotherLoser_PassingBy April 30, 2009
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Actual athletes whom work hard at their sport and are dedicated. Cheerleaders are sometimes mistaken for slutty whores who jump around and shake their butts, but it's not like that. Cheerleaders have hours of practicing and training. They also don't only cheer for teams at football and basketball games. They go to nationals, compete with actual teams, and win trophies. Cheerleading is basically dance mixed with tumbling. Also, just because they wear skirts it doesn't make them sluts, field hockey players wear skirts and they're not considered sluts. And to some of you, if you hate cheerleading, why do you say cheerleaders are hot and watch them all the time?
Jealous Girl-Eww look at that stupid cheerleader.
Perv Guy- I hate cheerleading too, but she is so hot!
(Cheerleaders do a perfect scorpion full down)
Smart cheerleader-Yeah, cheerleaders must be stupid if they can learn stunts like that. And if you hate cheerleading, why are you watching them every minute?!?
by Bella Truscott October 21, 2007
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Girls that can't play sports so they yell at games and annot those who can play sports. Can be spotted because their skirts go up their asses.
Those cheerleaders are so skanky and sluty, I want to kill them all!
by Moose January 3, 2005
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Cheerleaders are most likely the most annoying people that you will ever meet and i want to shoot them all... most of thenm are preps and make fun of all people who arent cheerleaders you usually dont like them unless you are a jock which is also a fag
by BenjiMadden4ever March 16, 2005
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there are many types of cheerleaders.
Highschool cheerleaders, u niversity cheerleaders, and all-star cheerleaders.

Highschool cheerleading is a club.
All-star cheerleading is a sport in where the athelete needs to do things common in other sports
I am an All-star cheerleader, ive broken my arm, leg, and wrist.
And it takes coordination, clearly
by she who loves american eagle August 11, 2005
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