When people says or do something outdated (Such as putting an L on their forehead and saying you go girl/guy, ugh I hate that phrase) you can say, "Hows the weather 7 years ago"
Some pompous chick: "You go boyfriend!"
You: Hows the weather 7 years ago?
Some pompous chick: ....YOU SUCK

Some pompous chick just got her ego curb stomped, Steven Segall style.
by Not Zane July 23, 2004
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A phrase used by teenage girls to secretly inform each other that their tops are too low.
girl 1 : Hey Claire, How's the weather?

girl 2 : crap, its fine now i think

Dean : nice
by Vinny ;D January 16, 2010
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When that really tall friend walks by, you shout "how's the weather up there?" because they're head is a lot higher than yours and other people's so it's like another weather sort up wear her/his head is.
Tall friend: Walks by
Short friend: Hey how's the weather up there?
Tall friend: *rolls eyes*
by Mac Alleyah November 16, 2019
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A shitty question that someone who is enjoying much warmer weather asks a person who is still enduring the frigid temperatures of winter in March and April.
As she lounged on a beach in Cozumel sipping a Margarita during April Spring Break, Sherry called her sister in Maine and asked "hows the weather up there ?".
by hfdmama March 23, 2017
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