Rapper from the North East of England. Well known for tracks 'Middle Class Kidz' (a parody of student life in the UK) and 'One Night In Turin' (a football anthem based on the 1990 world cup).
I can't wait for the new Mainz album!

Yeah, Mainz is dope!
by i0fthestorm August 11, 2011
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Mainz is a city in Germany with 192,170 inhabitants. It is the capital of the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Mainz is located on the river Rhine across from Wiesbaden, in the western part of the Frankfurt Rhine Main Area.
Mainz is located on the left (west) bank of the river Rhine, opposite the confluence of the Main with the Rhine.
by torry9291 March 22, 2007
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One of the best and most biblical beasts of the Call of Duty youtube commentators. His videos are extremely popular averaging more than 50 views and 7 likes per video. He is most known for his love of talking about the M16 and his raging when he misses a triple kill while going for montage clips. He has common catch phrases everyone loves such as "If Ya Don't Know" and "Wwwhats up guys Mainz here!".
Mainz is a biblical beast.
by Andersonz June 28, 2011
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Mainz a city in Germany with about 70.000 inhabitants.It's the Capital of the state Rhine-Platine.
Dude,my trip to Mainz was nice!
by kakalim May 12, 2005
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A football (soccer) club from Germany in Mainz (obviously)
They established themselves in the Bundesliga and play there since 2009 constantly after their 1st promotion in 2004
They are the Nr.1 in Rhineland-Palatinate ahead of Kaiserslautern. Thats also the reason why the german Media always talk bad about Mainz, because they the german media are stuck mentally in the 90's when Kaiserslautern still played in the Bundesliga.
One of the songs they sing on matchdays is called "Wir sind nur ein Karnevalsverein" meaning: We are just a Carnival Club
"What is your favourite club?"
"Mine is Mainz 05"

"Mainz 05 > Kaiserslautern"

"I see your team lost."
"Yeah, against Mainz 05, like always..."
by doyeeto November 23, 2021
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