1. The state of being away.
2. The time during which one is away.
3. Lack
4. The state of being absent-minded; inattentiveness: absence of mind.
Billy's constant absence is starting to make me worry
by Greggie ^ ^ September 24, 2005
satans curse on man kind,

When chicks won't put out.
Example of absence:Riverside.

by BIG DADDY DOUGH July 11, 2006
The most beautiful phrase uttered by Gin Rummy in The Boondocks. A phrase you should live your life around and follow for the rest of your life.
Riley: So y'all was in Iraq together?
Gin: Yeah, we was in Iraq
Riley: What did you do?
Gin: We was lookin for weapons of mass destruction
Riley: Did you ever find them?
Gin: You know goddamn we ain't find 'em. What are you some kind of political humorist ? You care to toe up in this bitch?!!
Ed: I was lookin for bitches, but they had the carpet shit all over 'em, and I couldn't see what they look like. All that was really exposed was they eyes and that wasn't really enough for me cause you know; shit I'm lookin at they eyes, and

I take they carpet off and then I got a tragedy.

Gin: Well naw we ain't find 'em. But I always say the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

Riley: What?
Gin: Simply because you don't have evidence that something does exist, does not mean that you have evidence that something doesn't exist
Riley: What?
Gin: What country you from?
Riley: What?
Gin: What ain't no country I ever heard of they speak English in what?!!
Riley: What?
GIn: English, mothafucka!!!! Do you speak it?!!
Riley: Yeah
Gin: So you understand what I'm sayin to you?!!
Riley: Yeah

Gin: So what I'm sayin is there are known knowns and known unknowns, but there's also unknown unknowns, things that we don't know!!
Riley: What?
Gin: Say what again!!! Say what again!! I dare you!! I double dare you mothafucka!!! Say what one moe time!!!
by The Fundraiser February 22, 2021
just cus theres no evidence there of something doesnt exist doesnt mean theres no evidence that something is not there
coppa1:this Seriel killer didnt leave and clues!

coppa2:the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence
coppa1:wat the fuck that mean man
coppa2just cus theres no evidence there of something doesnt exist doesnt mean theres no evidence that something is not there
by kayo2themic October 15, 2009

When you skip school on a day you have a really big assignment due, such as a project or a report. Can also apply to exams. Very common in high school and secondary school
Dude, the project's due tomorrow, are you done? No man, I'm gonna pull a strategic absence tomorrow to save my ass
by dachyr May 3, 2010
Taking off from school in order to get work done, miss a test, and/or push back a due date. Similar to playing hooky, the difference being you are actually doing work.
"We had 3 tests and a paper due today, so I took a strategic absence."
by Dr. Odenbach March 1, 2009