20 definitions by NiraMillson

Some titty you done tried to forget.
Them tittys was knockin 2getha 4eva how could he of had a repressed mammary damn they was fine!
by NiraMillson December 21, 2016
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A bad section of town where the bums have all shat their crispy drawers.
If a fella's down on his luck then he lives in Skid Row, but if he's also delivered a stripe of shit to his underwear, then he lives in Skid Mark Row.
by NiraMillson October 01, 2016
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An expression in the southern United States that ends a conversation, usually cutting it short, usually implying that the recipient of the phrase should scram.
1: The feller from the church sent me?

2. Yep, the farmer ain't home.

1: 'Bout a job?
2: Come back tomorrow.
1: Come back tomorrow?
2: Yep.

1: 'Cause the feller from the church sent me.
2: All righty.

1: Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. (Leaves.)
by NiraMillson December 06, 2016
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Danielle Steel must work those glutes, because she's got some seriously hot buns of steel!
by NiraMillson September 13, 2016
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A misspelling of Buttocks, usually made by athletes, but occasionally people from other cultures.
Last night after football practice, mama whipped my buttix for eating all the cookies 'n' cream.
by NiraMillson September 23, 2016
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French. Literally, "Fruits of the earth." Above ground faggots.

Derived from "aux fruits de mer." Fruits of the sea. Underwater faggots.
Those two men are "aux fruits de terre" -- they are fart farming faggots.
by NiraMillson December 05, 2016
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mega / lo mein / iac

someone who is obsessed with chinese takeout
he's a megalomeiniac because he ordered chicken lo mein seven times this week!
by NiraMillson January 09, 2017
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