20 definitions by NiraMillson

Some titty you done tried to forget.
Them tittys was knockin 2getha 4eva how could he of had a repressed mammary damn they was fine!
by NiraMillson December 21, 2016
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Trump / el / stilt / skin.

A deceitful gnome who will demand the first born children of all american households unless they can reveal his true identify -- before it's too late.
"Trumpelstiltskin!" said Americans, thereby revealing the fraud before it was too late, prompting the House of Representatives to commence impeachment proceedings.
by NiraMillson February 5, 2017
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One day, the Vatican will be led by a man from Africa, and he will be known to all as The Blope, the Black Pope.
by NiraMillson June 25, 2010
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(1.) Not simply the evacuation route for the common deuce but also with some "oppositional irony" (2.) the entry point for the male and prosthetic penis (e.g., jelly cock) -- usually during man-on-man intercourse, and at that, when the recipient is being referred to by the other(s) as "Shirley."
The burly, hairy inmate pumped the white collar criminal in the dirtchute -- "Take it, Shirley," he said -- to the applause of the other inmates in the penitentiary laundry facilities.
by NiraMillson June 19, 2010
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A misspelling of Buttocks, usually made by athletes, but occasionally people from other cultures.
Last night after football practice, mama whipped my buttix for eating all the cookies 'n' cream.
by NiraMillson September 23, 2016
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Chronic pain and fatigue in the kelp, seaweeds, and pond scums.
Many ecosystems are suffering from debilitating Fibromyalgae due to the corporate destruction of our environment.
by NiraMillson April 23, 2017
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French. Literally, "Fruits of the earth." Above ground faggots.

Derived from "aux fruits de mer." Fruits of the sea. Underwater faggots.
Those two men are "aux fruits de terre" -- they are fart farming faggots.
by NiraMillson December 5, 2016
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