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A person who takes babies from mothers as leverage.
The President said he was going to take all the babies from immigrant mothers unless someone could guess his name.

Then he went dancing around the White House lawn singing...

"Tonight tonight, my policies I make, tomorrow tomorrow, the babies I take. The immigrants will never win the game, for Trumpelstiltskin is my name."

The world heard his wicked song then screamed out "Trumpelstiltskin" and called his bluff.
by TheImageFlipper June 20, 2018
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Trump / el / stilt / skin.

A deceitful gnome who will demand the first born children of all american households unless they can reveal his true identify -- before it's too late.
"Trumpelstiltskin!" said Americans, thereby revealing the fraud before it was too late, prompting the House of Representatives to commence impeachment proceedings.
by NiraMillson February 05, 2017
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