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Slang term for someone who is being a bitch.
by Nate March 12, 2003
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one who prefers to have sexual intercourse in the derriere.
That boy right there is known as a Rear Jockey to the ladies.
by Nate March 9, 2002
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hilarimous comes from the word hilarious, but it is even funnier, usually used sarcastically
hahaha, man! that's hilarimous :P
by Nate February 26, 2005
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convenient, good looking and fast sports car. very similar to the mitsubishi eclipse.

btw shut the hell up about your 60's mustangs, not everyone wants a car that has ancient parts, ancient handling and requires nonstop maintance.
hey thats a pretty sweet talon

man i wish i had an eagle talon this winter

oh snaps! the transmission just fell out of that mustang! should have bought an eagle talon.
by Nate November 26, 2003
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I don't mean a vegetable dish. I mean getting your asshole licked, preferably with jelly or syrup... I prefer syrup!
I made my prison bitch toss my salad! He liked it!
by Nate June 19, 2003
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"yupperz," she said meaningfully.
by Nate May 6, 2003
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