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Someone one whom gives it up the batty
I am one bad ass anal pusher, she was screaming for days
by Nate April 8, 2005
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(adj) Fear of Fans.
The Young Man in the corner is anemiphobic.
by Nate September 6, 2003
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A gift of beer to a man from his significant other.

Instead of a woman giving a man flowers to show her feelings, she gets him a half-dozen or a dozen beers.
My wife came home last night half-dozen man roses for no other reason than to be sweet.
by Nate April 18, 2007
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mell is the best person in the world, and the typ of person who is amazing
mell is amazing, and is th ecoolest person ever
by Nate January 9, 2005
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Wank club which smells of pee, where the bouncers are dumb and the prices are high.

Don't go there, you'll come out smelling of all types of shit and sweating your bollocks off.
Wanna come to metros tonight?
Fuck off, I'd rather die.
by Nate April 26, 2005
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Common, mild taco sauce. Brands such as Ortega smooth and mild taco sauce -- delicious on microwaved burritos and on anything at Taco Bell.
"What kind of sauce would you like?"

"None, thanks, I've got a bottle of mexican ketchup."
by Nate June 25, 2006
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