215 definition by Nate

a really 1980's way of saying cool, see also gnarly don't belive me it was in commercials....
"these cakes are really XO"
by NatE March 04, 2004

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Phrase meant in tease, usually said while tickling another.
Girl tickles a guy and says "neener-neener" as she does it.
by nate August 20, 2002

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I don't mean a vegetable dish. I mean getting your asshole licked, preferably with jelly or syrup... I prefer syrup!
I made my prison bitch toss my salad! He liked it!
by Nate June 19, 2003

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it's supposed to smell that bad!
by Nate June 09, 2003

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a kinky sexual game involving one woman, one man, whip cream, a bowling ball, and a marching band
by Nate June 06, 2003

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