215 definition by Nate

a word formed by mixing skank and sleeze
she is such a skeeze
by nate March 28, 2005

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Term commonly used by fans of the Cincinnati Bengals, recently resurrected as the Bengals begin to shapen up. Sort of a cheer...
Who dey think gonna beat dem bengals?
by nate December 18, 2003

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The AK47... when you absolutely, positively gotta kill EVERY muthafucker in the room. Accept no substitutes!
Nothing comes between me and my AK!
by Nate June 05, 2003

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Thank one for looking out for you
Thanks for the soda, good lookin
by Nate December 28, 2002

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derived from the acronym lmao, it is a stupid spinoff which makes no sense, but is pronounced "lemonade" to add some flavor
person1: i hate my life
person2: lmaonade!
by nate November 24, 2004

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a really kick ass band....the guy above me is a fuckin cocksmoker
"The song "payback" by Flaw is great!!!"
by Nate July 05, 2003

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slang for xanax (alprazolam), a commonly prescribed benzodiazepine
we were crashing hard off that coke, until we hit off some xanies and passed out.
by nate March 18, 2005

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