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Hacker slang for being targeted in a DDoS attack.
Aw man, my site was just hit off.
by RedditAdmin August 7, 2021
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Another saying for jacking off. Much, much funnier though. It originally comes from playing a game of tips in basketball and scoring 20 and needing to hit off to 21.
Man this chick makes me want to hit off.
Announcer: Johnson to the line, he needs to hit off here.
by Pipe Line February 27, 2008
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when one person or a group of people go and attempt to hit you offline. this is done in several ways as a threat as just white lies or actually disconnecting your internet connection from using a program of some sort. this is normally done to people who have done nothing wrong but little kids are angry online and decide to ruin your connection for however long
*makes fun of kid online on call of duty*
Booter: “ Hey wanna get hit off?”
Guy: “wow really im getting hit off, wow nerd.”
by blissings March 6, 2018
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Hitting off licks” is a term derived from robbing liquor stores or “licks,” which in turn became a term for any sort of traditional robbery. “Hitting a lick” also just means making a lot of money in a short amount of time.
'Credit cards and the scammers
Hitting off licks in the bando.'
by Desiigner August 1, 2017
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When two people get along well or like each other right from the moment they meet.
Guy: "I heard that Alex and Emma met yesterday. Did they get along?"
Girl: "Yeah, they really hit it off."
by galagal February 27, 2012
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When two people are reconnected or recently met and there’s a connection and things go really well.
Yeah Jacob and Ashtyn just started talking and they’re really hitting it off! Yeah i herd they might become a thing
by merpXD January 14, 2019
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