215 definition by Nate

A man or woman that prefers the company of an electronic device over that of a living being, typically used to describe a woman that does not have a husband/boyfriend as an insult; by claiming they prefer a vibrator to a man.
Man: Are those moon pants, cause that ass is out of this world baby!
Woman uses her mace on Man.
Man: You technosexual bitch, my eyes!
by Nate July 07, 2004

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poop or the action of taking a poop
i have to take a dooker
by nate August 27, 2003

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A dried layer of feces remaining on one's ass.
You nasty little shit cake!
by Nate January 18, 2004

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Drug originating in russia and having similar properties to GHB. As of March 2005, it is legal and readily available from certain bodybuilding supplement retailers over the interenet. It is also, largely off the public and legislative radar, but has abuse potential sufficient that it will likely one day be regulated.
I hit off a teaspoon of that phenibut and i am feeling nice.
by nate March 18, 2005

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an extremly blonde and large cocked young fellow.usually found in the upper parts of norwegia but could be found in America(very rare). ~They fetch a high price in bounties~YARRRRR!MATEY!
"There bes on of dos bjorns!get reinforcement so we can captre the yougIn!!"
by Nate November 11, 2003

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a posh, minimum security prison for federal white collar crimes (like tax evasion or insider trading)
If Martha Stewart is convicted of insider trading, chances are she'll only do a couple years in Club Fed.
by Nate June 10, 2003

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Fraterday is between Thursday night and Sunday morning since these days are very conducive to drinking and partying.
Fraterday is the best day of the week!
by Nate August 19, 2006

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