108 definition by Natalie

yes, with sarcastism. when questioning someone or confused by someone's statemant. - can also be used when u just dont care
"i went to the store last night, and bought plums" ( that was her story)
by natalie November 24, 2003

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A person who is beautiful and some1 youd like 2 shag da fuck out off
'That boy is buff u know!' said Chanel to Natasha when they saw Dwaun walk across da street
by Natalie November 12, 2003

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like cool but better
claire and nat are the best/ despite claire's lack of big chest/ they make others drool/ cuz they're too cool for school/ so much cuuuhhl-er than the rest
by Natalie September 10, 2003

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yeah what they said , only it applies to both genders..
dude did you see that chick what a DoubleBagger!! Dude did you see him? that was doublbagging material if i ever have seen one!
by natalie July 15, 2003

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a crazy person, or an action that was sparatic performed
hey yah KOOKLAH , quit hanging out that sunroof!
by natalie July 15, 2003

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cool, trendy, steller, sweet, awesome
She is wearing a sta pair of shoes!
by natalie April 14, 2005

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CUTPA: is it an abbreviation for Cock Up The Police Ass? it's something like FTP: Fuck The Police...
on the walls (grafitti...)CUTPA!!!
by natalie February 25, 2004

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