A mild curse word. Often used by the British, and West Indians.
That flipping double decker cut me off!

De police lash me in me flippin' head!
by cooliebai August 11, 2003
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A mild alternative for the word "fuck". Often used by the British.
a sensored word for "fucking"
flipping hell mate, why are you taking so long
by Jansher June 13, 2008
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Combining Ecstacy with another drug. Usually makes the other drug more intense and produces friendlier effects.
Candy Flipping - Combining LSD with MDMA

Robo flipping - Combining DXM with MDMA.
by Arm November 05, 2004
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The process by which two or more bros have sex with a woman within a a short period of time consecutively one after another.
"Dude have her over shes down to flip." "I know man, me and my bro flipped her last weekend."

"Was that girl flipping around the party last night?"
by vanilla "shwayze" ice October 06, 2011
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路Candy flipping - Using LSD and Ecstasy together
路Candy flipping on a string - Combining LSD and Ecstasy or LSD, Ecstasy and cocaine either all at once or in sequence
Elephant flipping - Use of PCP and Ecstasy with animal anesthetic ketamine
Flower flipping - Ecstasy and mushrooms used together
路Hippie flip - Use of mushrooms (psilocybin) and Ecstasy
路Jedi flip - Mushrooms, LSD, and Ecstasy
路Kitty Flipping - Ketamine and Ecstasy
路Kitty Tripping - Ketamine and LSD
Love flipping - Mescaline and 路Ecstasy
路Lucky flip - Ecstasy and synthetic 2C-T-7
路Nexus flipping - Nexus (the synthetic 2-CB) and MDMA

Robo flipping - Ecstasy and dextromethorphan (cough medication )
路Sugar flipping - Ecstasy and cocaine
路Tipsy flipping - Alcohol and Ecstasy
{And now one i made up. If yall have one you came up with or know of one i forgot lmk}

路Triple S Flip (Sc.Sh.Se.)(CHESSS)-Smoke crack, Shoot heroin and Snort Ecstasy(MDMA) Simultaneously
" I don't know what flip I'm going to do tonight but I'm totally flipping bra"
by [BATMAN] October 25, 2017
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