shiz, man i got grounded for a whole year.
by Wek December 4, 2007
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a word used to replace the swearword "shit" in an awkward situation in which one shouldn't swear.

aka... babysitting, Christmas dinner, fancy party, classroom situations
by tangerinesea October 31, 2010
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"The Shit" (in a good way)

The be all, end all.

The absolute best.

Top of the the line.

That boy thinks he's the Shiz.

That <product> is just The Shiz!

by GandalfRat May 25, 2006
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A university in Oz that completely kicks all ass.
'When gray and seer our hair hath turned
We shall still revere the lessons learned
In our days at dear old Shiz'
by Nothing Chen March 30, 2005
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a term that is universal for that and those
Dude... I still gotta go and pick up that shiz.
by Tagalian Hero February 1, 2005
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sweet chalk used for marking starts at the high jump pit at track meets.

also: sarah and kendra.
Yo, shiz, i need some shiz to mark this. Orange, if you got it.
by kendra (shiz) September 29, 2006
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