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little blue critters that live in teapots and come out at night to teabag unsuspecting straight guys
"Man, those assgoblins got me last night"

"those assgoblins had massive balls"
by natalie December 9, 2003
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being cool, good, etc. if something is "scene", it is to be assumed that the thing in question is considered a good thing by the person in question. the phrase "to scene for you!" also comes into play, as a way of saying you're cooler than someone else.
"This band is so scene...they're hot sex!"
by natalie January 20, 2004
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term of endearment, like "my little sod". If said wrong you are seen to be a nobba.
"Sav's my little bug!!"
by natalie September 10, 2003
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The judgment or stereotype of an individual or group based on their placement in society.
You would never see rich people and poor people to the same party
by natalie March 31, 2005
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yes, with sarcastism. when questioning someone or confused by someone's statemant. - can also be used when u just dont care
"i went to the store last night, and bought plums" ( that was her story)
by natalie November 25, 2003
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Pricey can mean expensive as in describing the price of something.
It can also mean "good", or "fit" if you are describing someone.
1. That jacket's £50. It's well pricey!
2. Omg that boy is so pricey!
by natalie June 16, 2004
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